Simple, Lean, Privacy-focused Metrics for Websites and Mobile Apps

Pulse Metrics are GDPR-Compliant out of the box, can be setup with one-line of code, and proactively help to keep you on top of your sites and apps. We help you know the pulse of your business.

Why Pulse?

Pulse gives you the most important metrics for your Websites, iPhone, and Android apps without compromising on your user's privacy. We built it because users care and so should businesses.

See how we’re better than Mixpanel and Google Analytics

Analytics that work on all Platforms

Pulse is the only simple analytics platform that supports all major platforms - Websites, blogs, web apps, SPA (Single Page Apps), iPhone (iOS) and Android apps.

Absurdly Easy Setup

It literally takes 2 minutes of copy-pasting a line of code and boom! Your developer will thank you!

If you are using a platform like Shopify, Wordpress, or Squarespace you can even install it yourself. We tested it on my Nana, she did it right!

Pulse is always ahead of your data

Pulse is all about informing traffic trends. We proactively inform you about traffic activity so you don't miss a beat about your business.

Get daily emails delivered directly to your inbox so you don’t always have to login to the dashboard.

Privacy is part of our core

We do the most that's legally possible to do while still being compliant with the strictest privacy laws. We have no way of storing personally identifying info on your visitors, let alone sharing or using that info.

If we collected or showed any more info, we'd compromise privacy and if we did any less, we wouldn't be as valuable to you!

User Love

We believe the best validation is when your users cannot go a day without checking your product and they actually send you an annoyed email when they don't see your product's updates for a day. here are some real emails:

Business Insights

Read about true experiences, challenges, and how to have a successful modern business in today's age straight from the team behind Pulse Metrics.

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